Quantum’s Picks: Happiest Colleges

Quantum’s Picks: Happiest Colleges

With so many different factors to consider when applying for colleges one that often gets overlooked is how happy students are on campus. Happier students naturally do better in their environment. It goes without saying that happier students do better academically as they are more interested and engaged in their classes but students with higher student satisfaction will make the most out of opportunities outside of academics and are in a better position to build relationships with their peers, professors, and advisors. These connections not only contribute to a more rich and meaningful college experience but can often pay dividends in a student’s future with regards to things like further graduate study or even internship and job opportunities. All that being said, we have put together a list of few schools where students have traditionally been very happy throughout their time there.

Pitzer College

Pitzer College has always been one of the happiest colleges in the USA and given its location in sunny southern California it is not surprising to see why. Students can often be seen hanging around the campus between classes taking advantage of the ample green space and the other facilities like the pool and the beach volleyball court. Academically, students are encouraged to make the most of the liberal arts system by taking a variety of classes across the rest of the Claremont Consortium ensuring students can tailor their academics to their own agenda and learning goals. The low student-to-teacher ratio also means students get ample facetime with professors and often build long lasting and meaningful relationships with them throughout their time at Pitzer. Lastly, Pitzer’s unwavering commitment to social justice ensures students genuinely feel like they are changing the world for the better and further adds to student happiness.

Brown University

The Ivy League has always stood as a shining example of academic excellence but they are not always known to be the happiest places on Earth. Brown University stands out as an exception as students there have always been very happy throughout their university experience. Brown’s open curriculum lets students become the architects of their own education. Students at Brown are free to explore whatever subjects they wish before creating a personalized course of study, perfectly tailored to their individual needs and interests. Furthermore, Brown’s accepting and quirky environment ensures all students feel respected and celebrated for their differences and unique perspectives.

Syracuse University

Despite Syracuse University’s remote location, students there have always been very happy. The remote location actually builds a sense of community and camaraderie. Syracuse’s student population as a mid-sized school helps ensure all students are able to find like minded peers and friends while maintaining a healthy sense of diversity and anonymity. All of these factors play a role in maintaining school spirit which combined with Syracuse’s position in D1 in the NCAA ensure that all athletic events at Syracuse are well attended and loud. Their parties afterwards are always great too.

Colorado College

Colorado College’s unique curriculum is built on 3.5 week blocks instead of the usual semester/trimester schedule. This means students have only one class for 3.5 weeks before changing to the next block and it allows students to have access to a much greater variety of classes over a year. Students are encouraged to explore a huge range of subjects each year and the shorter time period ensures each class stays fresh and exciting while required subjects are never too much of a chore. Colorado College’s location also provides students with a multitude of fun outdoor activities available year round. Colorado College has dedicated organizations for skiing and rock climbing as well as a student-led Outdoor Recreation Committee that gives students the chance to explore the greater Colorado outdoors throughout the school year.

Pepperdine University

One look at Pepperdine University’s campus and it is no surprise it is one of the happiest campuses in the USA. Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains 20 minutes away from the beach it has the nickname “Pepperdine Resort” given its picturesque environment. Pepperdine’s students are uniquely placed to take advantage of all the natural beauty California has to offer and can even take surfing classes as part of their P.E. requirement. Pepperdine’s religious nature may not be for everyone but also helps foster a sense of camaraderie and connection between its students as everyone comes in with a similar set of values and beliefs. Due to this religious nature Pepperdine is a dry campus with fairly strict curfews but that does not stop students from traveling off campus in search of entertainment as Los Angeles is less than an hour away. 

Rice University

One of the biggest factors that helps Rice University maintain such high levels of student happiness is their residential college system. Rather than dorms, students live in residential colleges like in many UK universities. This helps cultivate a sense of belonging and community as students stay in the same residential college for their entire undergraduate education. Social life and events are based around the residential colleges which all frequently host a variety of campus wide and private events like themed parties and even a university wide water balloon fight. Furthermore, Rice’s location in Houston ensures that students have plenty to do off campus as the city has plenty to offer in terms of internships, volunteering opportunities or even museum visits.

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By Brendan Lung, Admissions Consultant

Published 12-03-2024

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