Our Results

We’re proud to present our university admissions acceptances. We would like to remind parents and students that, though a school’s ranking is a consideration when applying to college, it is not everything. Different websites and hosts rank schools differently with different metrics and standards in mind. We provide the numbers for reference purposes only. All of these schools have different strengths and are all famous for different majors and this may not be reflected in its general ranking. So, if any specific data point interests you, please don’t hesitate to ask us for that student’s story (with their identity kept confidential, of course!).

We are proud to announce that our students this year have done exceptionally well in the 2021 admission cycle.

Congratulations to our students for receiving offers from MIT, UChicago, Brown, Northwestern, Wellesley, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and many more. The above only encapsulate the results of students who have decided to apply via Early Decision or Early Action; the bulk of admission results will be announced in the coming months, most of which will be in April 2021. Stay tuned for our further updates!

If you’d like to know more about our students’ unique success stories, please book a free initial meeting and our admissions consultants can tell you all about them!