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Isaac Chng

Isaac completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry in Hong Kong Baptist University with Full Admission Scholarship. Isaac was involved in research pertaining to microplastics, obesity-associated neural pathways, cancer drug development, etc. He was the Valedictorian for Class 2023 in HKBU, due to his outstanding academic and co-curricular performances. He is also the first Malaysian in HKBU to be nominated as Valedictorian.

Isaac grew up in Malaysia and did his education in a Top 5 Private High School nationwide under the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) curriculum. He was consistently the top 1% in the cohort throughout his high school education. Growing up in a multicultural background, Isaac is known to be able to relate to others easily and show immense respect and understanding to others.

Apart from learning, Isaac enjoys doing ball sports, cooking, and journeying with the younger generation. Isaac also grew up with a Christian background and actively serves in church.

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AP Chemistry
AP Biology
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IB Biology SL
A-Levels Chemistry
A-Levels Biology
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MYP Biology
GCSE Chemistry
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DSE Chemistry
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As I’ve always had an acute fear of Mathematics, I was extremely grateful to receive Indrani’s tutoring. Indrani was very patient and kind when I struggled over simple problems, and she methodically explained every solution so that I could follow through step by step. She helped me regain confidence in my abilities, continuously reassuring me that I was capable. I would highly recommend working with her, especially for students that aim to break through self-esteem barriers and reach their full potential.
Taking Physics lessons with Indrani was one of the best decisions I made during IB. As a non-STEM student, Indrani was able to break down complex Physics concepts into its components, helping me understand things at a clearer and deeper level. Not only that, but I found her method of drawing diagrams very useful as a visual learner. Most of all, I will also always appreciate how she always checks up on her students’ mental health. I highly recommend Indrani!
In the summer before my junior year of high school, Indrani provided me with the foundations of Calculus in preparation for the accelerated course I would be taking during the school year. Then, next summer, she helped me once more with Multivariable Calculus, as well as Physics. Without a doubt, the vast amount of pre-learning she helped me accomplish gave me more confidence in those subjects that I otherwise would have struggled with during the school year; moreover, I was able to find genuine enjoyment in those subjects, largely thanks to Indrani’s enthusiastic and optimistic teaching style. From her, I learned that the challenge of a Math or Physics problem only makes finding the solution more satisfying! And having taken both Physics and Calculus courses in my first year of college, I can say that this lesson definitely still applies!
Indrani supplemented my learning throughout my Physics A-Levels. She approached concepts in different ways which allowed me form more solid understandings. Indrani also helped me prepare for my UCAT and BMAT tests. Not only is she an excellent tutor, but she is also very encouraging and kind, which really motivated me. All in all, it was absolutely delightful to work with Indrani, and I could not have done it without her!
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