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Levi Busch

Born and raised in upstate New York, Levi went on to obtain his BA in English Literature from Dartmouth College. Shortly after graduating, he moved to Hong Kong in 2011 and has worked within the field of education ever since.

With a decade of experience in test preparation, literature, and university admissions, Levi is suited to help students both navigate the challenges of secondary education and acquire the skills needed for success in university. His exacting standards are coupled with a belief that true academic achievement comes with an empathetic focus on the unique stressors that students face today, and his meticulous and personalized lessons seek to cater to each student’s respective needs.

Areas of focus

Test PrepAcademic Tutoring
SATIB English Lit HL
ACTIB English Lit SL
TSAIB English Lang&Lit HL
ELATIB English Lang&Lit SL
LNATA Level English Lit
GREGRE AP English Lit
AP English Lang
GCSE English Lit
GCSE English Lang
HKDSE English Lit
HKDSE English
General English
Extended Essay - English Lit/Lang&Lit

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I thoroughly enjoyed my essay-writing classes with Levi, where we went deep into each essay question and discussed the nuances and ways to approach it. Besides the conventional essay-writing techniques, Levi taught me to enhance my thesis and arguments and introduced me to many real-life examples that reinforce my arguments, which I still find useful when brainstorming ideas at the university level. While going through essays that I have written, Levi would pinpoint specific areas of improvement before taking me through his approach to the question so that I would understand how I could improve on my line of reasoning, as well as alternatives to it. With Levi, each essay became a learning opportunity for me to discover and discuss various issues, ranging from current affairs to ethical questions. He constantly pushed me to think beyond the superficial level and, crucially, taught me that there is always a different perspective and no single answer to a question.
Levi was one of the best English tutors I’ve ever had. Our lessons were always intellectually stimulating, and analysing literary texts with him inevitably led to inspiring contextual and theoretical discussions. Whenever I encountered difficulties, he would guide me through my thought process and encourage me to voice out my ideas, attentively responding to each of them and pushing me to go further. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him as he helped me greatly improve my writing and study skills.
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