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Steve Leech

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Florida, Steve studied English and Creative Writing at Clemson University and The University of Glasgow. He began teaching English and test prep in 2007.

Steve’s pedagogical approach relies on creating an environment where students are encouraged to take risks and ask questions in order to develop their own intellectual skills from a foundation of strong technical knowledge. He believes in providing structure to help achieve early goals and then encouraging students to understand how those structures work and how to build their own, guiding students in becoming active, dynamic learners throughout their educational careers.

Steve has joined Quantum Prep as a free-lance tutor based in Glasgow, which removes the time difference barrier for students studying in the U.K.!

Areas of focus

SATIB English Lit HL
ACTIB English Lit SL
TSAIB English Lang&Lit HL
ELATIB English Lang&Lit SL
LNATA Level English Lit
GREAP English Lit
AP English Lang
GCSE English Lit
GCSE English Lang
HKDSE English Lit
HKDSE English
General English
Extended Essay - English Lit/Lang&Lit

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What Our Clients Say About Us

One thing that struck me most when I was taking lessons with Jonathan was his ability to cater each class to my specific needs. He was extremely helpful not only in equipping me with the necessary skills and mindset to take the final IB examination, but would also use various methods of teaching that would benefit me most during our classes. I remember vividly during one lesson a week before the final examination, we were working on my ability to quickly identify literary features in online articles, and I was particularly struggling in the aspect of speed. We then switched to an activity where we would each list out all identifiable literary features from a text line by line and would compare our answers. That switch in training not only sparked my competitive nature which benefitted me in working under a time limit, but made me realise the immense amount of valuable points I would usually miss when reading through passages. The gist of this would be that I was greatly benefitted by the way each class was customised not only to my educational needs, but also to my style of learning and thought processes. I have enrolled in my fair share of English tutorial classes, and my most significant improvements have all been made while working with Jonathan. I was predicted a low 6 for English A SL prior to the final exams, but after months of work with Jonathan was able to obtain a high 7 in my final IB exams within the 90% range. Jonathan’s classes did not help me right away, and I only began to notice the fruits of our labour after a couple of classes. But I believe that that is the point of his classes. Rote learning and memorising of various examination techniques would not have gotten me as far as I did. Yet, through his classes, I was able to gain a more in-depth understanding of the writing styles necessary to achieve high scores, and internalised fundamental skills that I used effectively in the final examination.
Johnathan is experienced and truly cares about his students. He helps his students reach their full potential by learning about their needs, interests, and abilities. He has supported me through IB English and TOK.
I highly recommend Jonathan Wilson. He guides my daughter with patience. He has been teaching my daughter history for two years and her analytical skills have improved a lot.
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