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Karin Chun Taite

Karin studied English Literature and Drama at Ithaca College and The University of Toronto, indulging a love of both literary analysis and theatrical production.

Karin’s teaching style combines a structured approach to skill building with a looser, more free-flowing conversational approach to understanding and developing ideas. Discussion and exploration spark comprehension and intellectual confidence, but rigorous practical application is what makes us adept at organizing and communicating our thoughts effectively. Our goal is to nourish both intellectual creativity and technical competence.

Areas of focus

Test PrepAcademic Tutoring
ELATIB English Lit HL
IB English Lit SL
IB English Lang&Lit HL
IB English Lang&Lit SL
A Level English Lit
AP English Lit
AP English Lang
GCSE English Lit
GCSE English Lang
Pre-IB English
HKDSE English Lit
HKDSE English
General English
Extended Essay - English Lit/Lang&Lit

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Karin is insightful and presses her students to think more about the topics they discuss. Her tutelage has proven invaluable for my studies in Oxford, and for developing my argumentation and oration in general.
Tutoring with Karin was an amazing experience. Her lessons are immensely well-structured, going through each step of English literary analysis thoroughly and clearly. She also always encouraged me to discuss my thoughts confidently, whilst sneaking in a joke or two to keep things fun and lighthearted! It’s thanks to Karin that I was not only able to score a Level 7 in HL IB Eng Lit, but also motivated to pursue English at university. I highly recommend Karin!
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